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A’Nivea Aesthetics and Wellness is an aesthetics and wellness spa owned and operated by an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner. Our mission is to create a radiant you on the outside and a healthier you on the inside, by evoking self-awareness and tailoring a beauty and wellness experience. We aim to empower women to embrace their true selves and restore their self-confidence.

Our vision is to create a sanctuary where women could build confidence and improve their quality of life through beauty and wellness. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you might remember us by our former name, “Nurse Doll,” where our focus was primarily on offering body sculpting services to women navigating the challenging journey of weight loss. In 2022, we refined our brand and transitioned into A’Nivea Aesthetics and Wellness, reflecting our expansion into the field of medical aesthetics.

Join us on our journey as we continue to empower women and enhance their beauty and wellness.

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medical weight loss

We specialize in anti-aging treatments for women of color.

It all starts with loving yourself



Ultimately, self-care refers to anything that makes you feel like your best self. So, yes, that means skincare can be a part of self-care. Taking the time to care for your skin gives you a sense of control, boosts your self-esteem and makes you an overall happier being.

“Toni exceeded my expectations. She is so professional and talented. She explained everything so thoroughly during the consultation and I knew exactly what to expect.

Definitely recommend her! 10/10!“

diana rivera


What We Offer


Injectables: Tox & Dermal Fillers

Advanced Skincare Treatments:


Chemical Peels & Microneedling


Medical Weight Loss Solutions

Body Contouring and Post Operative Care


What We Offer

Woman Lips with a Red Lipstick on Lips. Closeup Female Red Lips.

Injectables: Tox & Dermal Fillers

+Neurotoxins: Dysport

+Lip Filler

+Cheek Filler

+Chin Filler

+Jawline Filler

+Facial Balancing

+Masseter Tox/Jawline Slimming


+”Barbie Tox”




+Revanesse Versa +


+PRP Hair Restoration

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Advanced Skincare


+Chemical Peels

+Enzymatic Facial Treatment

+Nonsurgical Face Lift (HIFU treatment)

Beautiful Woman with Makeup in Studio
Body of young sportive woman

Body Treatments


+Radiofrequency/Skin tightening

+Non-invasive BBLs (Vaccuum Suction)

+Lymphatic Stimulation/Pressotherapy

+Wood therapy

+Kedra’s Signature Detox Body Wrap

+Post-op Care

Happy overweight ethnic model in underclothes indoors

Wellness treatments

+ Fat Burner Injection (Lipo-Mino)

+Slim Rx with Semaglutide: A Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program



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Toni selders, MSN, FNP. CEO & FOUNDER

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Hi beautiful,

I’m Toni, your trusted aesthetic injector and founder of A’Nivea Aesthetics and Wellness.

Since becoming a registered nurse in 2015, I've accumulated extensive experience across various healthcare settings, including the ER and post-surgical units. Despite my diverse experience, I’ve always had a passion for beauty and wellness.

In 2018, I secured a position in the aesthetics field, where I honed my skills in cosmetic injectables, advanced skincare techniques like microneedling and chemical peels, and various wellness treatments.

While my expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of ethnicities, my primary focus has been on understanding and addressing the unique aging concerns of women of color. As a woman of color myself, I recognized the scarcity of injectors who could empathize with our specific needs, as aging manifests differently for us. Building upon this insight, I've strived to bring medical aesthetic treatments tailored to the needs of my diverse clientele.

If you’re looking for an injector who specializes in natural, subtle enhancements, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s work together to enhance your natural beauty and support your overall well-being.



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